Pennypacker Mills Car Show:

With the threat of thunderstorms and an overcast start to the day, on Saturday August 6 a large contingent of PMGC members made the drive to the Pennypacker Car Show. The day turned into to a sunny humid sticky day with little shade. The turn out for the show was low but PGMC had a great showing. Whether you wanted to look at cars or check out the Victorian Era house and play dress-up this day had something for everyone.  The hottest items of the day were the slushies. Even with the small amount of participants the show was good. 

As usual the club won the Best Attending Club award, Lambert Liebel won Diamond in the Rough and Kristi Liebel won 1st place for Misc. British Coups, Sedans and Saloons. In the A class we had two winners, Karen and J.D. Schulte with a 2nd place for the Magnette, and Christopher Bacon took 1st place with his ‘57 A. Mike Stein won 2nd place with his MGCGT in the Chrome Bumper MGB/MGC class. In the Rubber Bumper MGB/MGC Class we again had two winners, Mark Johnson with his ‘76 MGB received 3rd and Jim Schulte with his ’74 ½ MGBGT won 1st.

As you can see even though it was a hot day, the PMGC was even hotter in the winner’s category. Thanks to all that came out it truly was a good day.




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