Brits at the Village 2017 

The date was October 14th, 2017. The weather started out looking fantastic then slowly took a turn for the worse. Then it was here and the "English weather" rolled in for our annual car extravaganza. For those of us on the set up crew the day started around 6 am when we had to get up so that we could make the show field by 8 am. The drive from Pottstown was dreary. Not enough rain to put the top up but just enough to run the wipers.
In the morning many of the club members showed up around 8 am for the set up of the field. With so many hands light work was made of the set up and by 8:30 we were ready to check the cars in for the show. Many of the members were already registered so they collected their bags and awaited the cars to get there so that we could get everyone parked and enjoy the day. Early on the weather looked like it was going to cooperate. It started to clear and even feel a little muggy until the fog rolled in again. Then for about an hour it cooled down and the mist encased everyone on the field. But as luck would have it, the fog rolled out and the day because a nice day for a show.  
And what can you say about our show? Well working at the registration table I met a lot of new people. Some came over with questions or stopped as they drove out in modern cars to tell their story of loving an LBC. I spoke with one gentleman about our club because he lived in AC and the club he belonged to did not do much and they did not even go to all British car shows so this was "like candy" to him to be at our show. Throughout the day I saw different members, some still wearing the staff vests walking, talking and enjoying their day. Some even got a chance to sip a little wine.
But through it all I saw many smiles and hearty conversations going on to make the day great.  Our featured Marque was the Big Healey's and we did have a great showing of them. Thanks Randy! We also had a large group of Lotus owner's show up which was nice to see.   
We had about 100 cars on the show field. From our club:
Midget RB 3rd place: Lambert Liebel III
MG A 1st place: Don Scholl
MG B CB 3rd place: Lester Weinraub
MG BGT 2nd place: Trip Arnold
 3rd place: Ken Collins
Mini 2nd place: Kathy Brown 
MG B Custom 1st place: Steve Pilla
MG Other 2nd place: Karen Schulte 
Diamond in the Rough: Larry Macy  
Thanks to all who came out and made this show such a success!



Brits at The Village 2018

October 13th, 2018

Join us in Peddlers Village in Lahaska, PA for the Annual Brits at the Village Car Show

Show Field is located behind the Bank of America off Rt 263.  167 Carousel Lane, Lahaska, PA 18931

Field Opens at 9 AM


Registration Form

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